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We’re Why It’s Called PERSONAL Training


67% of Americans who have a gym membership don’t use the membership they are paying for. Why?      


For many people, going to workout can be an intimidating experience.  The overwhelming size of large box gyms, the unfamiliarity of exercises, the often high-pressure environment, and the feeling of “just another number,” all make it easy to see why someone might be reluctant to make exercise a priority, no matter how bad your mind says it is!  You need accountability.

WE GET IT!  We completely do.


Pumps Fitness, a fitness studio located in Valparaiso, IN, provides an environment for health-focused people starting with first-timers to all the way up to seasoned athletes.  We give you that individual attention that you have been looking for.



What Pumps Fitness Can Do for You


Pumps Fitness is a privately owned and operated Valparaiso fitness studio that takes a rounded approach to health and fitness. We understand that the mental and physical must be working together simultaneously to achieve your goals.  You will often hear us telling our clients to “Get Your Mind Right” so that the body will fall in line. With a team of experienced personal trainers and instructors at your disposal , you’re goals are just the beginning of what you will achieve!


At Pumps, we know what you need before you know what you need!  When you walk through the door, you can know that when you leave, you will feel better than when you came.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve speed, agility, and quickness, work through rehab, or finally work on flexibility, we’ve got you covered!  Promise.



Are YOU ready to be RESET?


This innovative form of corrective exercise addresses joint motion abnormalities. Over time, our body endures injuries and strains due to a vast number of reasons. Our body then compensates to allow for that injury to heal therefore causing strain on the body, inevitably causing joint motion abnormalities. RESET goes right to the root of the problem and delivers results time and time again.  This system is recommended for those suffering from chronic pain due to repetitive motion (ie: athletes, hairdressers, back pain from desk jobs etc.)


Click the link below to check out a video success story! 

RESET success at Pumps Fitness!!



Pumps Fitness Programs

The choice is yours!!  We’ll help you along the way if you’re wondering what is best for you.
Personal Training, Pilates, RESET, TRX Suspension Training

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Wondering what are programs are like?


Hear it from the clients themselves!







“Normally at this point of starting something new, I’d be frustrated by the lack of results and burned out, or close to it.  The difference now is I really like working out.  The frustration is realizing that I didn’t have to figure things out all on my own.  Just like learning a skill of trade, it is much quicker and less frustrating to have someone teach you the how and give you some hints to continue.  Working out at Pumps has helped me move a huge distance in a surprisingly small amount of time”

~Shaun O.


“I highly recommend Pumps to anyone who wants to start or continue on their fitness journey.  I can guarantee you will definately leave sweaty, sore and with a new group of supportive friends!!”

~Kirsten K.


“The variety that Pumps puts into each of their workouts and the small group format have been just what I need.  Plus, I have had the chance to meet a lot of very nice people at Pumps and it is fun to watch them achieve goals and milestones (and share my pain :-)).

~Dale H.


“Well Ian, I have to thank you because you started my journey of real health.  I am officially back in the non-diabetic range for my A1C of which my doctor thought I would probably never see and remain pre-diabetic.  Tell your clients…It can be done!!”

~Rose B.


“Pumps training program has helped me gain muscle tone, srength, endurance, flexibility, balance, weight loss, sensible eating, and confidence!  What more could you want from a fitness program!”



“I would like to give my absolute recommendation to anyone who needs a personal trainer to Pumps. They have been a source of inspiration, direction and encouragement. I have been for 20 sessions now. In the start my left foot angled out due to 2 back surgeries. The first session I had, Ian corrected this problem. Over the weeks I have been seeing him, I have made a lot of progress and this is also noted by friends. From the start I used a cane almost 100% of the time. Very quickly, he had me using a cane very little to almost never now. I have spent many hours at physical therapy and been very much disappointed. I wish I had forgone the therapy and gone to Ian from the start. The only problem I have with Ian is that he wouldn’t move to South Carolina with me so I could continue to see him!”

~Perry L.


“Prior to coming for RESET, I was experiencing discomfort on my right side.  I have gone to a doctor before and they were not sure what was causing it.  The discomfort starts in the lower right side of my back and it was radiating down my right leg.  I had trouble sleeping on my right side, it was actually waking me up.  Also, sitting for a long period of time would cause it to get stiff and I would have to take a walk.  I’ve had only two sessions and I am sleeping much better now.  It is not waking me up at night.  I am noticing that I can sit for longer periods without having this discomfort and pain.”




Pumps Fitness Valparaiso Personal Trainers

Pat Twilla

Pat Twilla

Personal and Pilates Trainer

Mary Olsen

Mary Olsen

Pilates Trainer

Ian Bowen

Ian Bowen

Owner/Head Personal Trainer

Ty McMillian

Ty McMillian

Personal Trainer

LaDonna Trapp

LaDonna Trapp

Personal Trainer


Find Your Perfect Fitness Plan at Pumps Fitness!


From Personal training and Pilates training, Pumps Fitness has the fitness program you’ve been looking for!  Our team of trainers are ready to help you recognize and exceed your fitness goals.  Come in now to discover your potential!

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Services and Programs

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to improve your overall health and fitness...



Pilates is a vigorous full-body work out that strengthens and stretches simultaneously, making it an extremely...



This innovative form of corrective exercise addresses joint motion abnormalities. Over time, our body endures injuries...

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

First developed by the Navy SEALs, TRX suspension training bodyweight exercise simultaneously develops...


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Pumps Fitness Consultation


Now is your time! At Pumps, there are no hidden fees and we work with you to find the best plan to help you reach your goals while staying within your budget.


Contact us to request a FREE consultation.  At the consultation, our certified trainer will make recommendations for you based on a fitness assessment and your goals.


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Pumps Fitness is your premier Valparaiso fitness studio. If it’s personal training or pilates reformer training your looking for, look no further! Our top-notch trainers are ready to work with you. So join us at our fitness studio today so that you can start seeing the amazing results of our programs!



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