Ty McMillian

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Ty McMillianI am no stranger to having to fight for your goals. From the moment I was born into this world I had to fight. I was born with a rare heart defect which caused my right and left aorta to be crossed in the wrong direction. I had my first heart surgery in infancy and I would end up going back for a second surgery when I was five. So as you could imagine physical activity for me was slim to none as my parents were very protective of me. They would only let me participate in small amounts of physical activity.

After 17 years of being in and out of hospitals, I got tired of being the skinny sickly kid. I decided to take a body building class in high school. Though it was hard and challenging I ultimately fell in love with the way it made me feel. Still not realizing where my true calling lie, I continued to soul search and find my purpose in life. I would train my family and friends in my home built gym that I set up in my basement, helping them and my self reach our fitness goals. It was a great feeling knowing I was helping others reach a goal they once thought impossible. After years of procrastination and taking up jobs that didn’t really fulfill my expectations of myself, I decided to take action and set out what really made me happy and turn it into a career that I could love. So I signed up for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer course and I set off to make my dream job a reality. Now that I have attained my credentials I want to inspire those who have traumatic surgeries and injuries, that there limitations can be overcome with enough determination. I want my clients to turn those faults and adversities into strength and power.